It's a fandom thing.

Those eyes. Those eyes like oceans. They were the bluest blue he’d ever seen, tinged with specks of green just to add to their beauty. He couldn’t look away. How could anyone? They were the most perfect blue he’d ever seen. It was so blue, so deep, and he couldn’t stop looking into them. They were so beautiful. There weren’t any words that could do justice to those eyes.

Ethan grinned, brushing his thumb over Dwight’s cheek and whispering softly, “I love when you do that.”

Dwight was going to ask what, but he already knew. Ethan would let him stare at his eyes for as long as he wanted. He was worried Ethan would think it was strange, but there was something about them that had Dwight transfixed. Ethan’s thumb against his cheek felt so nice though and he couldn’t help but tilt his head into the touch.

Ethan grinned, closing the gap between them in a soft kiss. He hummed happily, moving closer and running a hand into Ethan’s soft hair. Every moment with Ethan was so perfect, his lips were so soft, so warm, and all Dwight really cared about was being so close to Ethan.

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